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When dreams come true

So here I am in Japan! It is a great pleasure to present you my activities in the world capital of noise music, technology and anime. Currently I am working with Japanese dancer Yuka Seike on performance entitled “Gift”. The host and producer of this multimedia & dance piece is ST Spot in Yokohama – experimental art space. We will present effects of our cooperation on July 28th and 29th.

In addition to this work I am going to give four gigs in Okinawa. Two as a part of Kijimuna Festa FRINGE – the host of more than 50 international companies focused on performing art for young generation audience. During next week I will give also two gigs on alternative art venues located at Okinawa Island: one in Space Tropical in Okinawa City which will be preceded by my speech about my work tools and methods and last but not least gig in Urasoe City that will take place in space called Groove in which experimental music is served in companion with traditional sounds.

My Japanese tour is finantial supported by: Adam Mickiewicz Instytute

If you want to join me in Japan here is the lineup of forthcoming gigs:
Let the Japanese tour begin! Lineup for next week:
28.07. 7 p.m. Yokohama: ST Spot “Gift”
29.07. 3 p.m. + 7 p.m. Yokohama: ST Spot, “Gift”

31.07. 6.30 p.m. Okinawa: Space Tropical, speech+gig
02.08. 8.00 p.m. Urasoe: Groove, gig

4.08. 5 p.m. Okinawa: Kijimuna Festa Fringe, Special Town Stage – Ken’s, gig
5.08. 3 p.m. Okinawa: Kijimuna Festa Fringe, Special Town Stage – Ken’s, gig


lowertone arrive!

Some time ago I have opened (together with Szymon Kaliski), small company named lowertone which develops software for musicians and multimedia artist.

Our first project called h.elpers (which is already released) is pack of Max/MSP addons for faster and easier prototyping and learning. I have been preparing tutorials for all of the object included in h.elpers package, so it could be interesting for people who just have started adventure with Max.

In next few weeks we are going to release Freeq which is very interestig spectral filtering app for easy and fast frequency manipulations. You can use it to create abstract sound textures or use it like unique denoiser. If you don’t want to miss Freeq release and other forthcomming lowertone events, like us on FB, follow on Twitter or add to your RSS. More info soon!

Zazen, punk and trains

Together with my wife we travel realy a lot. We change cities or even countires more or less every 3 to 5 days. It’s very hard to have your daily routine living like that. Anyhow there are some activities I try to do every day no matter what happend and were I am. One of those activities is zazen (zen meditation). Most of the time I travel with cushion but rest of my meditation setup is random. I start to taking pictures of different setups because I found those compositions based on blankets, quilts and cushion truly fascinating. No matter what I use to sit it becomes best organized, the simplest and most attractive thing in a room. No matter how nice or ugly the room is. This is a kind of magic and I realy enojy it!

March activities

I am happy to announce that I composed the music for the performance for the very young entitled “Sleep” (“Śpij”) and perform it live during the showes. You can watch it in the Baj Theatre in Warsaw, starting from tommorow (23.03.2012). It was a very special project because ‘Sleep’ has been created especially for the really little spectators, and more precisely – children from several months to 3 years old. The performance ‘Sleep’ is a combination of the oldest Polish theatre for children’s tradition with the untamed imagination and inquisitiveness of young creators and the enormous experience of creativity psychologists and instructors. ‘Sleep’ is the essence of the theatre for the very young, and moreover, the first project in Poland implemented on the basis of workshop work with children in the crèche combined with consultations with creativity instructors. The bases for the compositions were experiments with sound and rhythm conducted with children during those worksophs and improvisations in the rehersals.

If you have some time and you are in Gdańsk at 29th evening, you are welcome to come to TwO and listen to my new drone sounds. More info here.

A lovely gift from far away!

December news

During last summer I was attending Media Lab organised by in Lublin. I had a great time and met many outstanding people there. I was taking a part in Master Class workshop, where I have created a first sketches of Shoal application build with MaxMSP. This app together with Pawel Janicki’s Anomalocaris enables me to create generative ambient soundscapes from any desired www site. I am happy to announce that my nearest ep will be based on mentioned applications and will be strictly generative.

At that moment ep is almost ready and I am looking for the label which would like to release this project. I hope you will have a possibility to listen it in the near future. As a preview of the forthcoming album you can check this site converted to very nice and deep ambient sounds.

For more information about Shoal and other Master Class participants and projects click the link below (PL only).

Master Class/ Media Lab

Workshop at the university

At the beginning of December (2-10.12.2011) I am leading a workshop together with Szymon Kaliski. Workshop will be dedicated to MaxMSP programming enviroment and will take place at Adam Mickiewicz University. More info you can find here (PL only).