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Latest works

Day after day I am getting used to living in new city. It is really nice to stop for a while and work on sounds that one’s collected during many long trips. Sounds of Japan are really great, I like the most cicadas that remind me how much music that I adore is close to nature.Below you can find my latest works.

One is a kind of application for a wonderfull project called Datscha Radio which is focused on idea of garden in many aspects.

A garden is not just one place, it is many places; not just one system, but many systems. To create a garden for listening and international cooperation which appeals to all of the senses – this is the aim of Datscha-Radio.

This track is based on field recordings of cicadas I have made in Yokohama during works on dance performance “Gift”. I processed them with a good old friend of mine to achieve blurry shift from gentle garden to strange industrial glitches. You should check it out if you enjoy high frequencies.

Second one is recording of anonymus site made with my app named Shoal a piece of software which translates text from choosen web site in to the ambient soundscape. I would like to thank Paweł Janicki who made Anomalocaris which is a connector between Shoal app and digital world. Some time ago Polish National AudioVisual Institue in Warsaw make a release of Shoal app/patches so if you would like to check how do your favourites sites sound, don’t hesitate to download. For more info check this link (PL only).



My latest track was included in 3loop Records compilation album gathering recordings of diffrent artist from all around the world. Link to the album. Enjoy!

December news

During last summer I was attending Media Lab organised by in Lublin. I had a great time and met many outstanding people there. I was taking a part in Master Class workshop, where I have created a first sketches of Shoal application build with MaxMSP. This app together with Pawel Janicki’s Anomalocaris enables me to create generative ambient soundscapes from any desired www site. I am happy to announce that my nearest ep will be based on mentioned applications and will be strictly generative.

At that moment ep is almost ready and I am looking for the label which would like to release this project. I hope you will have a possibility to listen it in the near future. As a preview of the forthcoming album you can check this site converted to very nice and deep ambient sounds.

For more information about Shoal and other Master Class participants and projects click the link below (PL only).

Master Class/ Media Lab

Odaibe – Honsiu Midnight Remixes

Some time ago I made a remix of Odaibe’s track “Osaka Midnight Train”. Right now you can check it below.

Additional information:

honsiu midnight remixes consists of various reinterpretations
of odaibe’s original composition osaka midnight train inspired
by his trips to Japan around 2009-2010. Remixes done by
talented producers from all over the world (Poland, Czech Republic,
Italy & USA) create a coherent story painted by sound.



Excerpt of the gig I like very much. Music is an improvisation based on my composition entitled “Pointing”. You can find that track on my last album “1,2,3,4”. Visuals were made by Jagoda Chalcińska.

Live at Experimental Sound Gallery

Excerpt of my live recording from Experimental Sound Gallery in Saint Petersburg. Very nice city, very nice night! Enjoy!

In July

Great movie created by Marek Straszak entitled “In July”. Music used as a background is track called “Stream” from my album “1,2,3,4”. Enjoy!

“In July”