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lowertone arrive!

Some time ago I have opened (together with Szymon Kaliski), small company named lowertone which develops software for musicians and multimedia artist.

Our first project called h.elpers (which is already released) is pack of Max/MSP addons for faster and easier prototyping and learning. I have been preparing tutorials for all of the object included in h.elpers package, so it could be interesting for people who just have started adventure with Max.

In next few weeks we are going to release Freeq which is very interestig spectral filtering app for easy and fast frequency manipulations. You can use it to create abstract sound textures or use it like unique denoiser. If you don’t want to miss Freeq release and other forthcomming lowertone events, like us on FB, follow on Twitter or add to your RSS. More info soon!


helpers 1.0

Below you can download helpers_1.0 – my collection of max msp audio patches designed to speed up coding process. Feel free to use it and share it with others. Enjoy!