March activities

I am happy to announce that I composed the music for the performance for the very young entitled “Sleep” (“Śpij”) and perform it live during the showes. You can watch it in the Baj Theatre in Warsaw, starting from tommorow (23.03.2012). It was a very special project because ‘Sleep’ has been created especially for the really little spectators, and more precisely – children from several months to 3 years old. The performance ‘Sleep’ is a combination of the oldest Polish theatre for children’s tradition with the untamed imagination and inquisitiveness of young creators and the enormous experience of creativity psychologists and instructors. ‘Sleep’ is the essence of the theatre for the very young, and moreover, the first project in Poland implemented on the basis of workshop work with children in the crèche combined with consultations with creativity instructors. The bases for the compositions were experiments with sound and rhythm conducted with children during those worksophs and improvisations in the rehersals.

If you have some time and you are in Gdańsk at 29th evening, you are welcome to come to TwO and listen to my new drone sounds. More info here.


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